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Ep. 26: Aaron Chang - The Art of Living & Surf Photography

September 30, 2021 Aaron Chang Season 2 Episode 26
Here’s To Life with Tori Reid
Ep. 26: Aaron Chang - The Art of Living & Surf Photography
Show Notes

He is an internationally acclaimed fine art photographer, an evolving spirit, and a humble creative. One who captures the ocean, the sun… the surf - like no other. Known for being the Creator of Modern Surf Photography, he’s redefining the sport of modern surfing through his lens. He’s traveled to over 50 countries for films, travel journalism assignments and his epic imagery has been published worldwide in hundreds of books, along with over 100 magazine covers globally to his name. His work has appeared in Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, GQ, People, US Weekly and Elle. He’s shot a variety of subjects, including poets, surfers of course, swimsuit models and Nobel scientists, and elephants in Namibia. Aaron is also revolutionizing art in the healthcare industry. Commissioned by some of the most prominent hospitals, his photography and multi-media art has elevated healing and inspired patients to appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds them, even in times of crisis. Aaron’s mission is to always bring joy to people through his art, and to help those appreciate the gift of life. Here’s to a dynamic ambassador of the arts, Aaron Chang. 

“There’s no such thing as perfection in the creative process, I don’t think. I think only God is perfection. The rest of us just try our guts out.” - Aaron Chang


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