Here’s To Life with Tori Reid

Ep. 24: Tim Reid - Dad, The Spirit Warrior, and Creating a Legacy

June 20, 2021 Victory & Noble Season 2 Episode 24
Here’s To Life with Tori Reid
Ep. 24: Tim Reid - Dad, The Spirit Warrior, and Creating a Legacy
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Some may know him as Ray Campbell on Sister, Sister, and others as Venus Flytrap on WKRP in Cincinnati. And then there are those who fondly recall him as Frank Parrish on Frank’s Place, or others as "Downtown Brown" on Simon and Simon. But none of these aliases hold a candle to the man, distinct, renowned and an original in his own right.  He is called a pioneer because of his founding of New Millennium Studios in 1997 before Tyler Perry and after Oscar Micheaux’s Lincoln Motion Picture Company in the 1940's.  So many around the world call him inspiration or mentor. Two of us call him Dad.  And there is one who calls him Poppy. He is also doted on as a husband, friend and leader amongst men. He has a whimsical mischief in his heart that attaches anatomically to your funny bone; a twinkle in his eye that catches you off guard and makes you see the stars; and the most unforgettable stories one can ever tell. Yes, a charismatic presence that can elevate all within his radius to cosmic beings; the most elemental definition of a superstar

Here’s to Tim Reid, my dad - a culture manifesting auteur, a brilliant visionary, an outlier - an icon.  

“When I built the studio, first since Oscar Micheaux, betting millions of my own money... it didn’t work the way I had anticipated. It does work - Tyler Perry has proven that and he’s done a hell of a job with it. So I knew it worked. Yeah, it's possible!"  - Tim Reid

This week on Here's To Life:
•  The Importance and Strength of Family
•  The Power of Change and How It Can Be Your Lifeblood
•  Living in the Spirit, and How he keeps his spirit alive
•  Exploring the Most Valuable & Powerful Asset - Your Eternal Soul
•  Dream Manifestation & Making It In Hollywood
•  The most important lessons and values he has imparted on his children
•  How to Live Eternally through Generations
•  and, this episode is For Those Who Want to be a "Star"


Guest:  Tim Reid 
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Introduction: Granddaughter Skylar Reid
Historic Ramada Inn
Tim Reid II's Heartfelt Tribute to his Father
Tim discusses his granddaughter and shares his pride
Tim shares the lessons that are most important to impart on his children
For those who want to be a "star"
Dream Manifestation, WKRP, and Superstardom
Tori's Loving Tribute to Her Father
The Power of Change
Living in the Spirit and What Keeps His Spirit Alive
John Witherspoon and Making it in Hollywood
The Most Valuable and Powerful Asset - Your Eternal Soul
Tim shares how his children have influenced his life
The Strength of Family
How Tim wishes to be remembered & How to Live Eternally
Tori Reid's Beautiful Song to Tim Reid on Father's Day
Part II Teaser: The True Birth of Our Nation, The Power of Propaganda and How Content is King, Creating a Legacy
The Reids Love of Bob Marley, and a little Tim Reid/Bob Marley trivia
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