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Ep. 22: Daphne Maxwell Reid (Part II) – Aunt Viv, Mother Wit and Blended Families

May 28, 2021 Daphne Maxwell Reid Season 2 Episode 22
Here’s To Life with Tori Reid
Ep. 22: Daphne Maxwell Reid (Part II) – Aunt Viv, Mother Wit and Blended Families
Show Notes

Part II:  This episode bookends our March Women's History Month as a tall glass of sweet Virginian iced tea between Tori Reid and her step mother.  We celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series finale (May 20, 1996) of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". Our Aunt Viv discusses her sweet joy and well lived memories from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion special on HBO Max, the late great James Avery, the surprise first time union with Janet Hubert, and Will Smith’s inspiring journey to growth and acceptance.  From sitcom to reality, they examine their own blended family; decades of blood, sweat and tears in a beautiful, though frank, conversation between two powerhouse women. They make it look easy and beautiful but it is like the graceful chocolate swan gliding in the sometimes murky waters of life’s vast ocean. The two women laugh, keep it authentic and celebrate the victories, valleys, peaks and exalt one another in this piece of Virginian and Hollywood Americana.

Here’s to the grace, soul and mother wit of Daphne Maxwell Reid.

“We are a blended family. Like the Banks family, the Reids have had an uncommon success. Our harmony has come through the blending of time, belly laughter, family celebrations, bumpy roads and the greatest of all virtues, Love Almighty. So, here's to the love that is earned. The Love that pushes past the hurt, confusion, anger... to become stronger, more resilient, battle tested and true. Here’s to family.” - Tori Reid

This week on Here's To Life:
•  Reflections on memories of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion special on HBO Max, including the late great James Avery and the warm and wonderful rejoining of Janet Hubert and their meeting for the first time
•  Her experience with blended families and insight gained and shared on the bumpy, yet beautiful ride of her own blended family
•  How respect is key within blended family relationships especially between step-parents and step-children
•  Exploring power couples as the iconic Tim Reid and Daphne Maxwell Reid, and how they make it work


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