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Ep. 21: Queen Mother Cicely Tyson (Part II) - A Mother's Day Tribute

May 09, 2021 Cicely Tyson Tribute Season 2 Episode 21
Here’s To Life with Tori Reid
Ep. 21: Queen Mother Cicely Tyson (Part II) - A Mother's Day Tribute
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Part II:  This Mother’s Day, we continue our tribute to the iconic and legendary Cicely Tyson.  For Part I in Episode 15 “What Makes Cicely Tyson, Cicely Tyson”, we heard lovingly from those who were mentored by her, worked with her and knew her.  For this Part II, we speak with culture makers and great spirits as Debbie Allen, Bill Duke, and Daphne Maxwell Reid, who have been inspired by her light. All speak to her grace, command and seemingly effortless quantums of power as a Hollywood legacy since the 1960’s on the silver screen, as well as television. Her humanity is imbued with a fierce pride, keen intellect and profound understanding of who she understood herself to be. Who she knows we all are.  On this Mother’s Day, we honor all mothers by honoring the Queen Mother to all... Ms. Cicely Tyson.

"To experience Cicely Tyson's spirit is like experiencing lightning - powerful, right, moving." - Debbie Allen

This week on Here's To Life:
•  Reflections on the spirit of Cicely Tyson
•  Her legacy as a woman, actress, and an icon
•  Cicely Tyson's influence on Black women and culture, and how she and other women of the Blacks Arts Movement as Miriam Makeba, Nikki Giovanni, and Nina Simone redefine how we see ourselves
•  Debbie Allen reflects on her being so powerful by being very human
•  Bill Duke talks about how Cicely Tyson commands a room with her presence, constantly seeking and attaining excellence and professional heights
•  Daphne Maxwell Reid describes Cicely Tyson's strength and how she blazed her own trail


Debbie Allen
Bill Duke
Daphne Maxwell Reid

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Debbie Allen Cold Open - Cicely is Lightening
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Debbie Allen Honors Cicely Tyson
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Bill Duke Talks about Cicely Tyson on the Set of Hoodlum
Cicely Tyson's Composure on the Film Set
Daphne Maxwell Reid Salutes Cicely Tyson
Tori Reid Memorializes Cicely Tyson