Here’s To Life with Tori Reid

Ep. 20: Here's To Life, Meditation and Self Love - A Retrospective

April 25, 2021 Phylicia Rashad, Bill Duke, Blair Underwood, don Miguel Ruiz Jr. Season 2 Episode 20
Here’s To Life with Tori Reid
Ep. 20: Here's To Life, Meditation and Self Love - A Retrospective
Show Notes

This is the 20th episode inspired by the majestic Shirley Horn's timeless tome. Tori Reid, host of "Here's to Life", reflects on Life, the meaning of it all, her recent quantum steps into Transcendentalism, and the enlightened insights of some of her previous guests. From her beloved Phylicia Rashad and one of her favorite spirits Blair Underwood to new friends as legendary actor/director Bill Duke and bestselling author and healer don Miguel Ruiz Jr., they offer their incredible wisdom and power. And Tori, inquisitive and newly awakened, shares her gems - the power of stillness and our harmony. We are all we have and that is everything.

Twenty is not only a symbol of positive attitude and optimism. It also symbolizes the ability to harmonize. The Number 2 resonates with the vibrations of balance and harmony, service and duty, receptivity and love, and it also relates to your divine life purpose and soul mission. Number 0 carries the energies of the God force and universal energies, and developing one’s spiritual aspects. The vibration of the number 20 is expressed when there is a strong need to learn patience so that the appropriate actions can be properly carried out. So, here's to episode “20” and, Here's to Life... with Tori Reid.

"Inspiration is the thread that ties us all together.  When we're asleep in our consciousness, it's the music, films, the art, the conversations... the connection to other human beings, that's elevating. That awakens the soul."

This week on Here's To Life:
•  The power of stillness and harmony
•  The key to enlightenment is effort
•  Enlightened wisdom from Phylicia Rashad, Bill Duke, Blair Underwood, and don Miguel Ruiz Jr.
•  The importance of Transcendental Meditation and how it awakens your being
•  Learning to stand in your truth. Everything short of that is not living.


Guests:  Phylicia Rashad
Bill Duke
Blair Underwood
don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

Host and Producer:  Tori Reid
Executive Producer:  Patrick A. Howell
Co-Executive Producer:  Tori Reid
Producer:  William Broughton
Director:  Patrick A. Howell
Writer(s):  Tori Reid and Patrick A. Howell
Recorded and Edited by William Broughton
Voiceover Artist:  Patrick A. Howell
Graphics:  Henny Vallee
Logo Photography:  Bobby Holland / MPTV Images
Photo credits for Phylicia Rashad:  Unknown
for Bill Duke:  Unknown
for Blair Underwood:  Timothy White
for don Miguel Ruiz Jr.:  Nicolo Sertorio

Special homage was paid to Ms. Shirley Horn
Song - "Here's To Life"

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Transcendental Meditation

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