Here’s To Life with Tori Reid

Ep. 19: Bill Duke – Spiritual Pathfinder and Hollywood Icon

April 11, 2021 Bill Duke Season 2 Episode 19
Here’s To Life with Tori Reid
Ep. 19: Bill Duke – Spiritual Pathfinder and Hollywood Icon
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Tori's back again! No Sudden Moves though! This time with an auteur, Hollywood legend and global griot - at a towering 6' 4½” - who’s portrayed some indelible tough and rough multi-layered characters and directed cult underground classics and American blockbusters alike. But this gentle giant of a storyteller is also someone who has said one’s personal life, “requires vulnerability and that’s the painful part”. Even as we chronicle the mountain tops of an illustrious career, he surveys the valleys, crediting the practice of Transcendental Meditation with saving his life. He is the author of a memoir subtitled, “My 40-Year Career on Screen and Behind the Camera”.  He has been a director, producer, actor and cinematographer - participating in American culture at the highest levels of global culture for the past 6 decades and going into his 7th. He is also passionate about his Younite Network and the Duke Media Foundation, where he teaches media and financial literacy.
“Here’s to Life” welcomes the singular, gracious, and accomplished Bill Duke.

"You're no better than anybody else, but nobody else is better than you." - Ethel Louise and William Henry Duke Sr.

This week on Here's To Life, and more:
•  Walk/Live in Your Authenticity & Whatever you believe in, believe in it fully
•  The Importance of Meditation & relinquishing control
•  Celebrate and appreciate the life around you
•  Acceptance & self-evolution - losing a battle to win the war
•  Divine intervention & the angels among us
•  His Longevity & versatility from acting to directing

Guest:  Bill Duke
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Resources Mentioned:

The Duke Media Foundation
Transcendental Meditation

Connect with Bill Duke:

Bill Duke on Instagram
Bill Duke on Twitter

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