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Ep. 40: Jaki Shelton Green - Poet Laureate of the People

March 24, 2023 Jaki Shelton Green Season 3 Episode 40
Here’s To Life with Tori Reid
Ep. 40: Jaki Shelton Green - Poet Laureate of the People
Show Notes

In nearly six decades of work, she has mentored hundreds of authors, poets and women globally. Her poetry has appeared in African American Review, Essence Magazine, Ms. Magazine... and dozens of literary journals and lifestyle magazines. In 2003, she was the recipient of the North Carolina Award for Literature (the highest award the state can bestow for significant contributions in science, literature, fine arts, and public service). She was selected for the Forbes distinguished 2022 list, 50 Over 50, in the Lifestyle category. She is an activist and a humanist, expertly versed in the power of words to lift the spirit, and she excels at the magic of  her being. She is passionate about "helping women, children, immigrants and newly literate citizens."

e is the first African American and third woman to be appointed as the North Carolina Poet Laureate. When he appointed her in 2018, Governor Cooper stated that “(She) brings a deep appreciation of our state’s diverse communities to her role as an ambassador of North Carolina literature.” Her mission is to "promote and expand appreciation of the literary arts" and "help ensure a high quality of life for all North Carolinians." And that's why Here's to Life is proud to welcome, Jaki Shelton Green, poet laureate of the people.

"Poetry is about so much more - it is about the work we do here on the planet. It is about crafting quality work and saving lives, elevating lives. It’s about the spirit. The serious writer who wants to work with an editor, the serious artist who wishes to workshop her work. My measurement of success is creating someone who is serious about the writing process. This is editing. This is refinement and curation of the spirit.” - Jaki Shelton Green
"we are the messengers/new messengers/arriving as mutations of ourselves/
we are these messengers/blue breath/red hands/singing a tree into dance
From her poem "who will be the messengers of this land."

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