Here’s To Life with Tori Reid

Ep. 36: Dr. William R. Harvey - The Visionary Leader and the Power of Legacy

July 31, 2022 Dr. William R. Harvey Season 3 Episode 36
Here’s To Life with Tori Reid
Ep. 36: Dr. William R. Harvey - The Visionary Leader and the Power of Legacy
Show Notes

Tori returns to her beloved alma mater, Hampton University, reflects and has a very special homecoming with the singular President Dr. William R. Harvey. Known for more than 40 years of legendary leadership, he transformed the university from a small Black college to a world-class leader within higher education. Whether it’s his powerful presence, establishing the largest free-standing proton beam cancer center in the world, increasing the endowment from $29 million to over $400 million dollars, erecting 29 new buildings and the initiation of 92 new academic degrees… or simply his passion and unwavering commitment behind it all, he is a highly respected titan among men. Tori delights in her "Hampton Experience" and love for the prestigious HBCU. In the center of the Hampton University Museum, the oldest African American museum in the nation, they discuss the power of dreaming, what makes Hampton University singular, the importance of character, what he's most proud of, the key to being unshakeable under pressure, his wish for the future of Hampton University, and so much more! Here's to the titan visionary leader, Dr. William R. Harvey. 


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A special thank you to Vanessa D. Thaxton-Ward and the staff at the Hampton University Museum. 

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