Here’s To Life with Tori Reid

Ep. 34: Tom Dreesen - The Comedian's Comedian and Living the Dream

April 27, 2022 Tom Dreesen Season 3 Episode 34
Here’s To Life with Tori Reid
Ep. 34: Tom Dreesen - The Comedian's Comedian and Living the Dream
Show Notes

Tori delights in talking to one of her favorite spirits, a true comedian's comedian and one of the world’s most groundbreaking, well-respected, and beloved entertainers. He has made over 500 national TV appearances as a stand-up comedian, including more than 60 appearances on The Tonight Show, and was a favorite guest of David Letterman. For fourteen years he was the opening act for Frank Sinatra, and performed countless times with artists like Smokey Robinson, Liza Minnelli, Natalie Cole, and Sammy Davis, Jr. For the first six years of his career, he shared the stage with Tim Reid as America’s first—and only—black and white comedy team. In this spirited conversation, they talk about his magical journey with Frank Sinatra, wisdom gained and what he misses most, his book "Still Standing", the power of laughter, the future of comedy, and so much more! Here's to the man who made Sinatra laugh, and Tori's beloved "Uncle Tom" ... Tom Dreesen.

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Tom Dreesen Official Website
Still Standing: My Journey From Streets and Saloons, to the Stage and Sinatra

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