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Ep. 32: Anthony Hamilton (Part II) - What Makes Anthony, Anthony?

March 22, 2022 Anthony Hamilton Season 3 Episode 32
Here’s To Life with Tori Reid
Ep. 32: Anthony Hamilton (Part II) - What Makes Anthony, Anthony?
Show Notes

Part II:  Tori explores the ancient adage "to whom much is given, much is required" with a soul star and Grammy Award winner and soul storyteller for Part II of this fun, insightful, and warm conversation. As a self-described "country boy" and "soul man whisperer", he never forgets his roots, and is determined to always fuel his communities that he stays connected to through his music, and his soul. He has been nominated for 17 Grammy Awards, sold nearly 50 million albums around the world, and has been compared to such icons as Sam Cooke and Al Green. He is the torch bearer... with a sound that is vintage R&B, while impacting modern culture. Love Is The New Black is the title of his latest album, and the first under his own label "My Music Box." They talk about the breakthroughs he's made, not only in music, but in the art form of business, acting, and life itself... and how his incredible spirit feeds into a legacy that will be celebrated with our greats. 

"Here's To Life" welcomes back the brilliant, soulful and authentic talent, and one of our favorite soul storytellers to spread more love, more laughs, and realness... Anthony Hamilton. 

"If you have the opportunity to put something in the music that can change somebody’s perspective and the way they view, not just you but view others, I think we have the obligation to do that." - Anthony Hamilton

This episode on "Here's To Life":
•  How he stays grounded
•  Why he loves being a Black man 
•  Express oneself and the responsibility of an artist with a platform 
•  Working with Prince, D'Angelo, Isaac Hayes, Al Green and others during his illustrious career
•  How Denzel Washington inspired him and what roles he would like to take on as an actor
•  His power move to have his own label "My Music Box" and what it means to own your masters
•  Hear his impersonating the great Ruby Dee in her role as "Mama Lucas" in the film, American Gangster


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